Meet the Founder

 The founder of ZanieBrownForSchools populary known as Zanie Brown Namugenyi is a contemporary Ugandan artist , songwriter and an actress who  uses her  music to inspire the world.Zanie has visited several communities and changed many lives not only through outreaches but even through her inspirational music .


We aim to Inspire Woman of all ages and walks of life

We pay more attention to those marginalized in our communities including young women, the Girl youth ,orphans & other vulnerable children, by developing and supporting projects and programs that promote their livelihood.
We work with people living in extreme poverty to develop projects and programs aimed at alleviating poverty and injustice in the rural areas. Our focus is on long-term and permanent solutions to these challenges rather than meeting the people’s immediate needs. We do not discriminate against the people we help or work with regardless of their race, political beliefs, gender or religion.